DARE CAB Webinars

Some Links to the DARE CAB Webinars can be found below:



January - Jake Estes PhD - Defining Total – Body AIDS – Virus Burden with Implications for Curative Strategies

March - Steve Deeks, MD & Richard Price MD - Safety Related Issues Related to Analytic Treatment Interruptions

May - Tae-Wook Chun, PhD - Achieving Antiretroviral Therapy-Free HIV Remission: How to get there?

August - Mary Kearney, PhD - HIV-1 is Maintained on ART by the Proliferation of Infected Cells, Not from Viral Spread


September - Steve Deeks, MD - amfAR trial presentation


October - Brad Jones, PhD - Current Innovations in HIV Cure-related and Vaccine Research



January - Richard F. Ambinder, M.D., Ph.d - Bloodbone marrow transplantation for patients with HIV and the possibilities for cure

February - Marina Caskey, MD & Tae-Wook Chun, PhD - Update on Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies in HIV Cure Research


March - Tim Henrich, MD - Imaging HIV Persistence

May - Lynda Dee, Esq & Richard Jeffreys - ATI Update 

June - Steve Deeks, MD - DARE Program Update and Cosultation

July - Steve Deeks, MD & Sharon Lewin, FRACP, PhD - DARE Research Agenda

September - Steve Deeks, MD & Karine Dube, DrPH - Social Science Study

October - Eileen Scully, MD, PhD - Keeping up with the cure: Taking care to include women


November - Xu Yu, MD - Proviral landscape of HIV in elite controllers


February - Steve Deeks, MD - Clinical Trials Update and Consultation

April - Sharon Lewin, FRACP, PhD - The Role of Immune Checkpoint Blockers in HIV Cure - A Good or Bad Idea?


May - Michael Peluso, MD - Best Practices To Mitigate HIV Transmission Risk During Analytic Treatment Interruption (ATI) Report From A Community-Biomedical-Social Science Part

June - Steve Deeks, MD & Michael Peluso, MD - ATIs During the COVID-19 Era