Scientific Advisory Board

Daniel R. Kuritzkes, MD received his BS and MS degrees in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University, and his MD from Harvard Medical School.  He completed his clinical and research training in internal medicine and infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital and was a visiting scientist at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research before joining the faculty at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. 

Dr. Mary Carrington is the Director of the Basic Science Program at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR), where she is responsible for the guidance and oversight of a large, diverse group of scientists performing investigator-initiated hypothesis-driven basic research in cancer and AIDS.  She is also a senior Principal Scientist and heads the HLA Immunogenetics Laboratory within the Cancer and Inflammation Program of the National Cancer Institute. 

Dr. Larry Corey is an internationally renowned expert in virology, immunology and vaccine development, and his research focuses on herpes viruses, HIV and other viral infections, particularly those associated with cancer. He has extensive experience with the development of experimental vaccines for both genital herpes and HIV, and his lab has pioneered novel tests for diagnosing and monitoring therapies for viral infections.

Dr. Richard Koup is a Senior Investigator, Chief of the Immunology Laboratory, and Deputy Director of the Vaccine Research Center within the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.  His research involves the characterization of T and B cell factors involved in protective immunity against HIV infection, in order to inform the development of vaccines.  He has published over 270 manuscripts on this and related topics, and has mentored more than 35 graduate and post-graduate students in his career. 

Dr. E. John Wherry is the Barbara and Richard Schiffrin President’s Distinguished Professor in the Department of Microbiology in the Perelman School of Medicine and Director of the UPenn Institute for Immunology.  Dr. Wherry received his Ph.D. at Thomas Jefferson University in 2000 then went on to do his postdoctoral research at Emory University where he trained with Dr. Rafi Ahmed from 2000-2004.  

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