HIV/AIDS Cure Research Introduction & Resource Guide 2019

HIV/AIDS Cure Research Introduction, Glossary & Resource Guide 2019

Introducción a la Investigación sobre la Cura para el VIH/SIDA - 2019

To inform those in the media who need to understand the issues involved in HIV/AIDS cure research and laypersons interested in understanding them, the Delaney AIDS Research Enterprise (DARE) to Find a Cure Community Advisory Board (CAB) presents the following documents. It is essential to understanding most of the content to know what HIV, DNA, and a virus are, and it is quite helpful to have taken at least a modern high school biology course. The documents are as follows:

  1. The complete HIV/AIDS Cure Research Introduction, Glossary & Resource Guide 2019 is

  2. The HIV/AIDS Cure Research Introduction & Resource Guide 2019 (528 Kbytes) is downloadable as a PDF here. The Introduction is a self-contained introductory presentation of the issues involved in research related to curing HIV infection. The Resource Guide provides access to online resources that are appropriate for the layperson and provide further relevant information.

  3. La Introducción a la Investigación sobre la Cura para el VIH / SIDA - 2019 (326 Kbytes) se puede descargar en formato PDF aquí. Esto documento es una introducción autónoma a las cuestiones relacionadas con la investigación relacionada con la curación de la infección por el VIH.

All four PDFs have words and phrases that are defined elsewhere in that document underlined. The webpage uses hyperlinks to accomplish this.

All five documents have entry headers color-coded to indicate to what area they belong, such as basic science and biology(green) or social and practical issues (brown). This is explained in the Notes to the Reader at the beginning of each of them.

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