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Lynda Dee

Lynda Dee is an HIV/AIDS treatment activist who co-founded AIDS Action Baltimore in 1987 after the death of her husband and two-thirds of her friends as a result of AIDS complications. These severe losses motivated her to become a fierce AIDS activist. She has worked for 32 years with academia, industry and government to expedite ethical drug development to provide access to life-saving medications before approval and to ensure reasonably drug prices and increases. She was co-chair of the first Martin Delaney Collaboratory for HIV Cure Research (MDC) CARE Community Advisory Board (CAB), and is currently co-chair of the MDC DARE CAB and the amfAR AIDS Institute for HIV Cure Research at USCF.
Ms. Dee has served on many national and local community and government advisory boards. She has been a member of various FDA Antiviral Drugs Advisory approval panels and many NIH Advisory Boards, including, NCI, the Office of AIDS Research, NIMH, NIDS, NIDA and NIAID, serving on the ACTG Executive Committee and their Community Constituency Group. She has also served on various industry HIV and HCV CABs and national and international CABs advisory boards, including the AIDS Treatment Activist Coalition. Ms. Dee is also a former chair and current member of the co-chair of the Fair Pricing Coalition and has been a member of the Executive Committee and frequent presenter for the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research.
She has been working on cure research for many years in hopes of ending the scourge of the epidemic at home and abroad. To her, an HIV cure would mean the end of a devastating international epidemic that she has personally seen devour so many loved ones over the years. A world without AIDS would mean the end of horrible pain and grief for the entire planet, including so many people in her home in Baltimore that continues to be plagued by inordinately high HIV incidence rates.

Ms. Dee is delighted to be working with the DARE research team who are genuinely community friendly, valuing and respecting community participation and input. She is extremely excited by their cutting edge scientific agenda which emphasizes the role of the immune system in HIV cure research. Ms. Dee is also very proud to be part of DARE community engagement efforts that will help to develop cure research literacy projects to historically underserved people in Baltimore, Oakland, CA and Los Angeles, CA.

Ms. Dee is delighted to be leading DARE's community engagement efforts, and has very innovative plans for new DARE community outreach activities.

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