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Nelson Vergel  – QandA

How has HIV affected my life and what motivated me to become an advocate?

Finding out I was HIV+ before AZT was available woke me up to take charge even in the face of uncertainty and lack of information.  Becoming an advocate gave me the focus to learn as much as I can to help myself and others affected by this disease.

It would mean that 35 million people will survive and will be able to remove the worry of a short life that robs them of their present and future plans.

Being so close to great minds and hopefully bringing new ideas as a patient and long-term survivor. There are so many misconceptions in the HIV community about the current state of HIV cure research. I hope to help to change that. I also hope to help with fast enrollment of studies.

What would an HIV cure mean to me and my community?

What scientific and community engagement work excites me most about the DARE Collaboratory?

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